Ingar Rudholm

Ingar Rudholm was born and raised in Whitehall. His mother owned Homestead Art Gallery on Mears right across the street from the Howmet Playhouse. His father built and remodeled homes in the Muskegon County area. As a child, Ingar’s mother enrolled him in art classes. Thanks to his mother’s art gallery, Ingar met several local painters and attended local art fairs from Traverse City to Rockford.

When Ingar isn’t writing and illustrating books, he’s an engineer for Industrial Assemblies in Fruitport, Michigan, which manufacture’s store fixtures and displays for retail chains.

In 2010, Ingar’s mother passed away leaving behind a set of brushes, a box of paints, and several art history books. She had dementia, leaving her unable to paint during the final years of her life. Traveling Circus is Ingar’s first illustrated novel and includes a lot of famous painters, but it is also a tribute to the first artist Ingar ever knew and loved: his mother.

Traveling Circus

Traveling Circus

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Set in Whitehall, Michigan, the story centers around a painfully shy 14 year old boy named Flynn Parkes. After being bullied in school and having an argument with his parents, Flynn runs away from his problems. On a bike ride into town, Flynn is kidnapped by Salvatore, the ringmaster of a mysterious traveling circus. During his journey, Flynn gets shot of cannon, nearly eaten by lions, and almost drowns. Flynn also builds new friendships with Albert the fortuneteller, Cordelia the beautiful mermaid, two odd clowns named Sammy and Buster, and Marcel, a giant with a feisty temper and huge muscles. Using the power of imagination and the fortuneteller's magic, Flynn struggles to break from his cage of insecurity and the ringmaster's clutches and hopefully win the heart of a girl named Rena.

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