Happy New Year!

happy new yearWe have been working hard during 2013 to organize Argon Press to serve as a viable publisher.  We focused on things like incorporation, checking accounts, credit cards, bookkeeping, business cards, phones, and more as we carved out the kind of company we want.

Argon Press has focused on the ‘business of writing’ as opposed to the ‘techniques of writing”.  Why?  Because in today’s market, authors must not only master the technical skills of writing, but they must also master the skills necessary to promote their work.  Traditional publishing companies no longer provide everything it takes for a book to be successful.  That means we must do it ourselves.

Yet, it takes more than business, accounting, and legal structures to be a successful publishing company.  It also requires a platform, such as a website with email addresses, domain names, FaceBook pages, Twitter accounts, and the rest of the social media trappings.  But these same things have to be in place for individual authors, so the task has gone beyond doing it just for Argon Press.  It has to be done for each of our member-authors.  And so it has.

And in the background, we have worked to perfect our writing.  We have met weekly to perform our tasks and accomplish our goals.  We have developed and critiqued our titles, our blurbs, our descriptions, our website designs and content.  We’ve also worked with copy editors, graphic designers, and other professionals, we have developed book covers, book trailers, and other promotional materials.

In 2014, we expect our work to start bearing fruit.  Many of our novels are very close to being ready for publishing.  And we have developed many of the tools we need to help them work their way to the top of the Best Seller Lists.


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