Request – Bernie and the Wizards (Advance Review Copy)

Argon Press is pleased to offer an Advance Review Copy (ARC) of this book.

  • Title: The Universe Builders: Bernie and the Wizards
  • Author: Steve LeBel
  • Genre: Young Adult Fantasy, Fantasy, Science Fiction, for young adults and adults
  • Description:  Bernie fixes broken universes for a living. Unlike other gods, who tend to take a hell-fire-and-brimstone approach to problem-solving, Bernie prefers a more gentle approach.  Bernie’s job is to restore production on the planet Photox, but he soon discovers a world caught up in a civil war. With a hard-to-please boss breathing down his neck and a personal life in desperate need of relationship advice, Bernie’s chances of success are dwindling fast. The gods on Bernie’s world are no help. If he fails to restore production, they will destroy Photox’s entire population.  Bernie is desperate to keep this from happening, even if the murderous wizard causing all the problems is powerful enough to hurt a god…
  • Length: 99,100 words (340 pages)
  • ISBN-13 (print edition): 978-0-9908831-5-9 and 978-0-9908831-4-2
    ISBN-13 (ebook edition): 978-0-9908831-3-5
  • Publisher: Argon Press
  • Publication Date: print book on May 1st, and ebook on June 15, 2017