A Corporal No More

A Corporal No More
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Genres: Fiction, Historical Fiction, War
Publisher: Argon Press
Publication Year: 2014
ISBN: 9780991055425

Caught up in war fervor and seeking excitement, Joe enlists in his hometown regiment. This sturdy Pennsylvania lumberjack quickly discovers that, along with excitement and comradeship, fighting the Confederacy demands that he suffer while facing terror and horror.

About the Book

A Pennsylvania lumberjack makes the classic young man’s mistake of seeking adventure as a soldier.

Joe Little has worked like a dog cutting timber since his mid teens. By age 27, he aches for a change. The Confederate attack on Fort Sumter gives him the excuse to enlist in the Union Army. He leaves behind his fiancée, his employer’s daughter.

He quickly learns it’s the infantryman’s lot to suffer and, perhaps, to die.  The Rebels capture him after he’s wounded in a savage battle. Near death in a Confederate prison, he is exchanged and discharged. He returns home to recover, a changed man. Eventually he returns to his sadly shrunken regiment for the fateful battle of Gettysburg.

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About the Author
J. Scott Payne

J. Scott Payne grew up in Kansas and began his craft as a cub reporter at the Kansas City Star. He served as an Army counterintelligence agent in Korea, Washington, D.C., and Vietnam.

After leaving the military, he returned to Kansas but quickly migrated to Michigan where the summers were cooler and the winters warmer. He worked as a reporter and editor in several newspapers, retiring in 2004. He has freelanced since then while undertaking his first novel, a tale based on his great-grandfather’s experiences with a Pennsylvania Regiment in the Civil War. He has begun a sequel.

Scott and Jane live in Allendale, Michigan, close to two of their three daughters and four grandchildren.

Book Site: www.JScottPayne.com

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