The Universe Builders: Bernie and the Lost Girl

The Universe Builders:  Bernie and the Lost Girl

This is the prequel to the award-winning book, Bernie and the Putty. This story begins when our young gods are twelve years old. A little girl is lost, and our young heroes are the only ones who can save her from the deadly woods.

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About the Book

This is the prequel to the award-winning fantasy The Universe Builders: Bernie and the Putty.

All of God Town is in an uproar. A child has been lost. The Town mobilizes and an exhaustive search is carried out, but as the day wears on, fear grows that little Emily may be lost forever.

Despite the growing evidence, the gods continue to resist the the idea little Emily has wandered into the woods, a place feared by even the gods. Yet one young god, named Bernie, isn’t afraid. With the help of his friends, Suzie and Lenny, they embark on a rescue no god would ever consider. They will search the woods, and if necessary, they will even search the deadly area beyond The Town called the Unknown Territory.

It’s a fascinating tale of unusual young heroes on a courageous quest.

Series: The Universe Builders, Book 3
Genres: Epic Fantasy, Fantasy, Fiction, Humor, Science Fiction, Young Adult, Young Adult Fantasy, Young Adult SciFi
Tags: Recommended Books, Review Copy Available
Publisher: Argon Press
Length: 85
ISBN: 9781944815660

List Price: $9.95
eBook Price: $ 3.85
About the Author
Steve LeBel

Businessmen are serious people, right? Not always. Steve LeBel — hospital president, technology entrepreneur, algorithmic trader — is definitely not serious. Not when he writes.
Whimsy overcomes him at the word processor. Whimsy is at the core of his novel, The Universe Builders, which is told with LeBel’s unique balance of seriousness, humor, and whimsy.

Steve lives in Muskegon, Michigan with his wife and two cats. When not writing, he can be found cursing the stock market, providing tech support for his friends, or thinking up new plots for The Universe Builders.

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