The Universe Builders: Bernie and the Putty

The Universe Builders:  Bernie and the Putty
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Series: The Universe Builders, Book 1
Genres: Award-winning, Epic Fantasy, Fantasy, Fiction, Humor, Science Fiction, Young Adult, Young Adult Fantasy, Young Adult SciFi
Tags: Recommended Books, Review Copy Available
Publisher: Argon Press
Length: 410
ASIN: 0991055403
ISBN: 9780991055418

How can you stop a god from destroying everything --- even if you are a god?

A young god graduates from God School and gets his dream job of building his first universe. Plagued by a school rival and aided by his friends, he struggles to build a universe he can be proud of in this humorous fantasy.

About the Book

*** This Book Won 16 Awards for Excellence ***

Meet God School’s latest graduate in this humorous award-winning fantasy for young adults.

One might think a god with the ability to create universes would have no problems, but that isn’t so.  Bernie comes from a broken home, lives on the poor side of town, and is plagued by a mischievous invisible cloud.

Against the odds, Bernie lands his dream job and a chance to build his own universe, only to find problems everywhere.  Mysterious asteroids, unexplained volcanoes, and shifting continents lead him to suspect sabotage.  But who could sabotage his universe?  Only another god could do that…

It’s god vs. god and good vs. evil.  If Bernie fails to outwit his vicious foe, it will cost him everything in this fascinating tale of an unusual young hero on a journey of self-discovery.

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*** GRAND PRIZE WINNER ***   Writer’s Digest Awards (2014)
*** BOOK OF THE YEAR (1st Place) ***   Independent Author Network (2015)
*** GOLD ***   Readers’ Favorite (2015)
*** GOLD ***   Independent Author Network (2015)
*** GOLD ***   eLit Awards (2015)
*** GOLD ***   San Francisco Book Festival (2015)
*** SILVER ***   New York Book Festival (2015)
*** SILVER ***   Literary Classics Book Awards (2015)
*** FINALIST ***   Stargazer Literary Awards (2015)
*** FINALIST ***   Beverly Hills Book Awards (2015)
*** FINALIST ***   Best Indie Book Awards (2015)
*** FINALIST ***   Next Generation Indie Book Awards (2015)
*** FINALIST ***   International Book Awards (2015)
*** AWARD ***   Literary Classics Book Awards (2015)
*** AWARD ***   Kindle Book Awards (2015)



“Highly recommended. One of the most unique and well-written YA books I’ve ever read.”  Judge, 2nd Annual Writer’s Digest Self-Published e-Book Awards

“…smart, witty, creative, and captivating like nothing I have ever read before. Almost impossible to put down. Awesome!”  S. Fisher, Readers’ Favorite

“A top pick for teens and adults interested in … unique stories filled with unpredictable action.”  D. Donovan, Midwest Book Review

“A rare literary treat…sure to win the hearts of readers. Highly recommended.”  Literary Classics

“The story’s creativity and innovative ideas thoroughly charmed and entertained our judges.”  Independent Author Network Book Contest

About the Author
Steve LeBel

Businessmen are serious people, right? Not always. Steve LeBel — hospital president, technology entrepreneur, algorithmic trader — is definitely not serious. Not when he writes.
Whimsy overcomes him at the word processor. Whimsy is at the core of his novel, The Universe Builders, which is told with LeBel’s unique balance of seriousness, humor, and whimsy.

Steve lives in Muskegon, Michigan with his wife and two cats. When not writing, he can be found cursing the stock market, providing tech support for his friends, or thinking up new plots for The Universe Builders.

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