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Brought to Battle:  A Novel of World War II

Brought to Battle: A Novel of World War II

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As America entered World War II, the U.S. Army routed its brightest draftees to colleges and universities. They were to master foreign languages and learn intelligence techniques. Enormous casualties in the invasion of Italy, however, forced the Army to send its best and brightest – and greenest – straight to the replacement pool. Each was given a choice: rifle, machine gun or mortar.

This story tells how a recovering veteran of North African combat shepherded a dozen such youngsters to England for training. From there he took them into Normandy against the toughest Army on earth.

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A Corporal No More

A Corporal No More

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Caught up in war fervor and seeking excitement, Joe enlists in his hometown regiment. This sturdy Pennsylvania lumberjack quickly discovers that, along with excitement and comradeship, fighting the Confederacy demands that he suffer while facing terror and horror.

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